Google SEO How to optimize your website 2019

Google SEO: How to optimize your website 2019

If you’re ready to optimize your website for Google SEO, focus on these six areas:



With 96 percent of mobile users relying on Google for their searches, it’s critical that you create a mobile-friendly website. This factor is even more important since Google adopted a mobile-first index. That means Google now indexes and evaluates the mobile, versus desktop, version of a website.


If your website isn’t mobile-friendly, that can impact your ranking in Google search results.

Check your website’s mobile-friendly status with Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test. It’ll analyze the mobile version of your website, notifying you of any potential issues. Use that feedback to improve your mobile website and ranking in search results.


Looking to improve your existing mobile website for Google SEO? Try these steps:


Use Accelerated Mobile Pages: Also known as Accelerated Mobile Pages, AMPs keep your website fast and user-friendly. Plus, Google uses AMPs to expedite the speed of your mobile webpages even more. Use AMPs for static pages with static content, like a product page.

Add a viewport tag: For responsive web design, you can also use the viewport tag in your HTML head element. By incorporating this tag into your HTML files, you’re telling a browser, like Chrome or Firefox, how to adjust your content for a specific device.

Provide complete functionality: In Google SEO, you’re not only focusing on the search engine — you’re also considering the user. That’s why you want to offer a mobile-friendly website that includes the full functionality of our desktop website, such as the ability to buy a product.

If your website doesn’t have a mobile version, consider a responsive web design.


Indexing and crawling are two core components of SEO — if your website isn’t crawled and indexed, then it doesn’t appear in search results. That’s one reason why you want a site hierarchy that’s easy for crawlers and users to follow.


It helps users find your products and services, plus gives Google perspective on that webpage’s role.


Create a website hierarchy that’s intuitive. As an example, look at the navigation bar on Samsung’s website. They feature eight different headings, and each includes a subset of menus that make sense from a user standpoint.

Google seo site hierarchy 20193.URL STRUCTURE

To crawl and index content, Google requires a unique URL. A URL functions as an address — it tells Google, as well as users, the location of your webpage. It also hints at the focus of your content, like Google SEO or Bing SEO.


Strengthen your SEO strategy with the following tips for URL structure:


Use HTTP Secure: Whether you’re an ecommerce store or a local business, it’s critical to use HTTP Secure, better known as HTTPS. This identifier, which appears at the beginning of a URL, tells crawlers and users that your website is secure.

Create simple URLs: In search results, Google displays your URL. If you create a generic URL, such as, “,” that looks spammy to users. That’s why you want to make simple, yet descriptive URLs, such as https://www.example/home-painting.html.”

Prevent duplicate URLs: In some cases, users will create a webpage with a unique URL and later make an updated version of that page, but with a new URL and without redirecting the previous page. If you this scenario happens, make sure you set up a 301 redirect.

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